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Beute lecithin oil 500ml

Price: 25,60 euro.

Lecithin oil is an vegetable oil mixed with a high dose of lecithin, which has been specially developed fotr pigeons in order to suppelement the energy reserves and to enable them to be kept up to the mark. It is important that energy reserveswill be available for longer than that acidification of the muscles and organs will occur less and/or later.

Instructions for use:

2x daily; mix in 5cc. with 1kg. feed foor 4 days; after that, increase this to 10cc. to 1kg, of feed - do this for 5 conscutive days. In the periods of rest, breeding and moulting, it is always good to give your pigeons 10cc. of this 2x per week.


Cold-pressed linseed oil, wheat-germ oil, sunflower seed oil, groundnut (peanut) oil and lecithin.

Available in 500ml. flasks.

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