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Prange Suppe 1 litre

Price: 50,00 euro.

Was the secret of champions! Now available to everyone.

Gunter Prange, from the German border town Meppen, is seen as one of the best pigeon racers in Europe. His pigeons pick up more top prizes than anyone. The secret was - in addition to good pigeons and optimal care - his own herbal drink: Prange Suppe (Broth) or PS.

Instructions for use:

Prange Suppe (Broth) comes in a 1-liter bottle. It is to be used economically: 1 tablespoon per litre of water, 2x per week.


Aside from the ordinairy ingredients such as onion, garlic, tree bark and algae, also 'something' from the sport ia an ingredient that gives enormous muscular stength and endurance. Pigeons never come home sore (acidified) any more, they train for appreciable longer and there is hardly any chance of disqualification any more.

Available in 1-litre packs.

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